Equipment Trailers


Equipment Trailers with Fenders & Ramps

Equipment trailers range in capacities from 3 ton to 7 ton.  LED lights, heavy duty tongue jack, fully wrapped tongue, height adjustable hitch, diamond plate fenders and tie downs are standard on all units.


Tilting Equipment Trailers with Fenders

Available in both gravity tilt and power tilt.  These trailers can be modified to include a stationary platform on the front of the trailer.  They range in capacities from 5 ton to 7 ton.  LED lights, heavy duty tongue jack, tie downs, diamond plate fenders and height adjustable hitch and radial tires are standard.


Deck Over the Wheels Equipment Trailers

Standard units are 14' flat with 4' beaver tail, ranging from 5 ton to 7 ton capacities.  All units come standard with height adjustable hitch, heavy duty tongue jack, LED lights and radial tires.

Equipment Trailers


Side Extension Trailers

Side extension trailers feature a 4" drive over fender, keeping the bed height lower than the deck over trailers.  LED lights, radial tires, height adjustable hitch, tie downs and heavy duty tongue jjack are standard.  Offered in 5 ton to 7 ton capacities.


Dual Tandem Deck Over Trailers

These heavy duty deck over trailer are offered in 10 ton, 12 ton and 20 ton capacities.  Electric brakes on standard on the 10 & 12 ton, while air brakes w/ABS is standard on the 20 ton.  Height adjustable hitch, LED lights, radial tires and steel toolbox in tongue are standard.


Tilting Deck Over Trailer

Available in capacities from 5 ton to 7 ton.  These trailers are gravity tilt, but can be upgraded to a power tilt.  Height adjustable hitch, heavy tongue jack, radial tires and LED lights are standard.